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tech·nol·o·gy — the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives.

mod·ern — relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.

It only makes sense that the two should merge together when it comes to the accounting firms you’re partnered up with. We are at a point in business where if you aren’t willing to adapt to the current times, then you are going to get left behind, this includes our accounting!

Technology should allow us to leverage our time, and your accounting firm should be able to use that time to serve you better. A modern firm needs to spend much more time improving your experience.

<p”>From data collection to deliverables, how could your experience be improved upon? Here’s why it’s important to find a modern account firm for your business:

Its definitely not just about the numbers anymore

To answer the question, how could your experience be improved upon? A modern accounting firm should have a deep understanding of why you went into business, what your aspire to do and be. These changing aspirations will change the communication with you. Traditional accounting services are on their way out, they aren’t the ladies with a bad perm who are stuck crunching your numbers behind their stale office desk anymore. To reach the goals you have set for yourself you need an advisor, someone to consult with and connecting on a weekly basis is much easier with technology, and necessary to keep on top of your needs effectively.

A modern accounting firm using technology will give you back control of your business.

Managing accounts, closing sales, keeping track of employees, we don’t have to spell it out, you understand that processes and systems are key to ensuring your business is running efficiently. But how do you keep on top of numerous vital processes? Let’s face it, there’s never enough time or you can’t find a system efficient enough to keep track of it all… the list of reasons goes on.

So what’s the solution? How can you regain control of your business? The answer lies in the technology. Latest technologies are designed to work together. For example: QuickBooks Online has over one hundred apps that can connect and communicate directly with QuickBooks. By having all of your financial records in one central system, a modern accounting firm can create workflows for every process, giving you back the control.

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You will enjoy managing your business finances

The concept of enjoying managing your business finances seems like a foreign concept, the business end of business can be draining. Even figuring out how to pay taxes online is confusing. Often times you wonder where the red tape is going to end.

However, with cloud-based accounting technology, anything that’s a legal requirement is built into your software and updated in realtime as compliance changes happen. This helps to eliminate so much red tape that can be completely demotivating to you as an entrepreneur. The red tape you and your accountant do have to face can be handled faster and more efficiently with the right systems, technology, and organization in place making it a much more enjoyable process for all.

Your accounting firm should be able to serve you from anywhere in the world

Working remotely, isn’t that a huge draw to becoming an entrepreneur? You could be hiking the Appalachian Trail one day and the very next day you are up at 4am working in a coffee shop far away from headquarters. If your accounting firm is your strategic business advisor, that means you need to call upon them at anytime, anywhere for critical support for your business.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the luxury of working remotely because of your accounting firm. A modern accounting firm should have technologies to meet this need. Cloud based conferencing tools, video chat, collaboration tools these are just a few requirements for communication to be a success so your firm can deliver the results you need. They should be able to provide important services in the moment so you can make crucial business decisions together, no matter where you are.

Less confusion, more creativity

Does your accounting firm create a culture that you want to align your business with? We are in the middle of a culture of continuous learning. A culture of human centered innovative activities. Creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box of traditional accounting requires challenging the status quo, and going against the grain. Decide to work with a modern accounting firm that will create a culture of creativity and experimentation by working with new techniques and methodologies. That way you avoid confusion in clashing purposes, but rather are able to work harmoniously in creativity.