Our Team

Our Team | Spark Bookkeeping Lakeland, FL

Brittany Whelchel

Project Manager/Bookkeeper

Brittany is a Quickbooks Certified Bookkeeper, community builder, and mom of two girls. She helps small businesses increase understand their cash flows with online bookkeeping support.

Brittany has always had a passion for small businesses.

“Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Online support showed itself to be a HUGE need in my community. Many small business owners today just don’t take care of their financials, and they don’t use financial reports to make their business decisions. I think it’s because no one wants to speak their language, or give them the freedom they want by helping them understand the process. I want every business owner I work with to feel empowered by their financial data. ”

Our Team | Spark Bookkeeping Lakeland, FL

Adam Whelchel

Customer Relations/Bookkeeper

A father of two and a lover of Lakeland, Adam is a Spark Bookkeeper who enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, reading, writing, and number crunching.

From 2011-2016 Adam worked IT for CitiBank and one of the Big Four accounting firms. There, he supported accountants, auditors, investors and bankers on a daily basis. Living in NYC and working at the headquarters of the Financial World, Adam sat in on senior management meetings and strategy sessions as he managed the projectors and microphones. Here, he was introduced to business financials as seen by those who advise Fortune 500 companies.

It was in this roll that he found an affinity for financial analysis and interpretation. Instead of furthering his IT career, he geared his continuing education towards the topic of finance and accounting. His goal with Spark Bookkeeping is to provide Bookkeeping services that help businesses keep accurate books, keep their CPA happy, make better decisions, and allow business owners to focus on what they do best.

Our Team | Spark Bookkeeping Lakeland, FL

Grant Nieddu


Grant Nieddu ignites lives of explosive significance. To do that, he built State of the Spark to launch people toward their dream. SotS helps Spark Vision, Ignite Successes, Explode Significance, and Radiate Purpose. The Spark Core Services help you start your business quickly, confidently, and profitably.

Grant trains people in communication, temperaments, and several other topics to better hone their skills and find their own purpose. He has penned 7 books including ‘H.O.P.E. from Here to Haiti’, ‘Go MAD’, and ‘The Top 100 Dream Igniter’.